Escape Velocity

This show is a two hour block of atmosphere, doom, gloom, and other slow tunes. It’s just been that kind of week…


Artist Track
Balmorhea On the Weight of the Night
Holy Sons Payoff
Matt Elliott This is For
Tenhi Pojan Kiiski
Zombi Escape Velocity
Astronautalis Midday Moon
Buried Inside V
Grails All the Colors of the Dark
Syven Tuulenvire
Woods of Ypres Travelling Alone
Om Thebes
Planning for Burial Bleached Body
Have a Nice Life The Icon and the Axe
Reverend Bizarre They Used Dark Forces / Teutonic Witch

Winter Into Spring

This is Radio in Opposition’s debut on Subcity. For the uninitiated, this show aims to gain exposure for lesser known bands. Taking cues from the Rock in Opposition movement of the 1970s, Radio in Opposition explores the artists you wouldn’t normally expect to hear on the radio. For this show, I’ve chosen the theme of Winter into Spring and selected some tracks I thought represented this theme, whether closely, loosely, or oddly. Enjoy.

Note: This show is broadcast live on WDIY Allentown, PA (US), in addition to being hosted by Subcity. Any references to WDIY and what time it is are related to this.


Artist Track
City of Ships
Black Mountain
Time Columns
Cymbals Eat Guitars
Woods of Ypres
The Flowers of Hell
Holy Sons
Rain Drinkers
Spring Tiger
Deep Snow
Radiant Hearts
Ashes in the Snow
Nature’s Antidote
Snowtorch (Part I)
Cold Spring
Lightning & Snow
The Strength of Spring
The River, the Woods
How Far the Gods?
Snowed In
Sunny the Mummy