RADVENT Day 15: Sorcier Des Glaces’ “Ritual of the End”

For the first 24 days of December, Radio in Opposition and guests will share with you one very special album, one day at a time. We call it RADVENT.

It’s day fifteen of RADVENT already! Today’s submission is from Evan of HIVELORDS and Sadgiqacea. HIVELORDS’ “Cavern Apothecary” dropped last year and is absolutely killer, so do yourself a fatty and check it.

My favorite thing about bands who are good songwriters is that there are “payoffs” naturally built into the material, some of which are predictable, and some of which come as surprises. Both can be awesome. Bands like this are usually “a cut above” in general and have a clever essence about their music. Every note and every part serves a purpose, and the songs are streamlined journeys that seem to unfold at the whim of the listener.

Sorcier Des Glaces from Canada embodies all the characteristics I just described. I was fond of them before, having heard both versions of the “Snowland” release, but their new record “Ritual of the End” which was released earlier in 2014 has me helplessly devouring their new music.

This band’s sense of melody is irresistible. Mystical, angular-sounding chords juxtaposed with reverb-drenched leads, played over impossibly tight and well-accented blastbeats are all clear evidence that they are masters of their craft. The result is nothing short of epic. In the grand scheme of music, it’s the melodic parts that make the dissonant ones that much more effective, but make no mistake, there is nothing “happy” “post-y” or “false” sounding on this album. The melodies are minor-keyed masterpieces that present themselves as wind chills and icicles, aiding in the glacial conquest of Sorcier Des Glaces.

Their icy atmosphere and clear production really make this album shine. Is it getting cold in here, or is it just me? This new favorite of mine is a must-listen for all fans of the genre.

Hometown Pride

This is my last show broadcast live on WDIY in Allentown. From now on, RiO is a Subcity exclusive. In light of that, this show is all local bands that supported me in getting RiO off the ground. Enjoy.


Artist Track
Soars Escape on High
Ominous Black Free Will is a Lie Designed to Make Existence Interesting
Grimace Federation Bosico
Woe Quietly, Undramatically
Ladder Devils and Regents ‘Bama Book Burner
Strand of Oaks Daniel’s Blues
Sadgiqacea Thy Will Be None
Planning for Burial You’re Not Real, Girl [Swans Cover]
Gholas 9000 Reasons
JE double F I Must Be Dreaming
Lonesummer Tobacco, Gin and Bile
The Green Evening Requiem Teneral
Psychic Teens YUNG
East of the Wall Linear Failur
Bubonic Bear
Rob Crow
Bill Ridenour
Tonight the Buzzards Circle the Grindstone
Protect Your Plow
The Reaper and the Seed
Red Eyes
New Bones
Time of Troubles

Winter Into Spring

This is Radio in Opposition’s debut on Subcity. For the uninitiated, this show aims to gain exposure for lesser known bands. Taking cues from the Rock in Opposition movement of the 1970s, Radio in Opposition explores the artists you wouldn’t normally expect to hear on the radio. For this show, I’ve chosen the theme of Winter into Spring and selected some tracks I thought represented this theme, whether closely, loosely, or oddly. Enjoy.

Note: This show is broadcast live on WDIY Allentown, PA (US), in addition to being hosted by Subcity. Any references to WDIY and what time it is are related to this.


Artist Track
City of Ships
Black Mountain
Time Columns
Cymbals Eat Guitars
Woods of Ypres
The Flowers of Hell
Holy Sons
Rain Drinkers
Spring Tiger
Deep Snow
Radiant Hearts
Ashes in the Snow
Nature’s Antidote
Snowtorch (Part I)
Cold Spring
Lightning & Snow
The Strength of Spring
The River, the Woods
How Far the Gods?
Snowed In
Sunny the Mummy