RADVENT Day 5: Hunchback’s “Pray for Scars”

For the first 24 days of December, Radio in Opposition and guests will share with you one very special album, one day at a time. We call it RADVENT.

Welcome back to RADVENT, day five! Today’s selection comes from Joe, bassist for Psychic Teens. If you’re in the Lehigh Valley, PA area tonight (Dec 5, 2014), Psychic Teens is playing at Burners in Bethlehem.

I had no idea that Hunchback had a theme for their band until way after they’d broken up. I read in an interview that they basically based their band around the idea of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, questioning general standards of beauty. It’s completely clear, though, on this record, and I guess the message came through subconsciously. This record defines its own beauty, and makes you listen over and over, digging into it to find the melodies and hooks. It’s ugly and dirty and catchy and perfect and it starts with a six minute dirge with barely audible vocals until the chorus gets screamed out. It ends with a Christina Aguilera cover with guest vocals from Michael Gerald. Its got cover art by Mike Diana. It’s all over the place but completely cohesive. I start thinking about it and obsess for days. It’s beautiful.

Hometown Pride

This is my last show broadcast live on WDIY in Allentown. From now on, RiO is a Subcity exclusive. In light of that, this show is all local bands that supported me in getting RiO off the ground. Enjoy.


Artist Track
Soars Escape on High
Ominous Black Free Will is a Lie Designed to Make Existence Interesting
Grimace Federation Bosico
Woe Quietly, Undramatically
Ladder Devils and Regents ‘Bama Book Burner
Strand of Oaks Daniel’s Blues
Sadgiqacea Thy Will Be None
Planning for Burial You’re Not Real, Girl [Swans Cover]
Gholas 9000 Reasons
JE double F I Must Be Dreaming
Lonesummer Tobacco, Gin and Bile
The Green Evening Requiem Teneral
Psychic Teens YUNG
East of the Wall Linear Failur
Bubonic Bear
Rob Crow
Bill Ridenour
Tonight the Buzzards Circle the Grindstone
Protect Your Plow
The Reaper and the Seed
Red Eyes
New Bones
Time of Troubles