April // Hiss Tracts // Protomartyr // Thin Privilege // Burak Ozmucur // Kim Kelly

On this show, Ross takes a look at the upcoming release from Hiss Tracts, an ongoing collaborative soundscape between David Bryant and Kevin Doria. You’ll hear a track off Shortwave Nights.

Justin reviews Glasgow’s Thin Privilege and their volatile, treacherous, and delightfully unnerving full-length. You’ll hear the track “…With Apologies to Thin Privilege” from that release.

Ross will share the releases for this month, as well as a brief recap of some standout Record Store Day releases, both from the UK and the US.

Greg dishes out a free download from Burak Ozmucur, which is a blend of Steve Wilson inspired prog, with Katatonia-esque elements. Greg plays us a cut from that release, which is available for free from Burak’s Bandcamp page.

Ross will tell you about Protomartyr and their recent Under Color of Official Right. You’ll hear a full track off of that release as well.

Last, but not least, Ross had a chance to catch up with Kim Kelly and talk about a recent SXSW panel she did on the topic of metal and its growing relevance in the mainstream.

As always, thanks for listening!