March // Planning for Burial Acoustic

We took a break from binge-watching the X-Files to kick it old school with Planning for Burial. Armed with an acoustic guitar and an extremely stripped down setup, Thom explored and reinterpreted some of the hits.

PS. There’s a chance this will be released proper by Planning for Burial in the near future. This is Radio in Opposition’s edit. The actual release will be a different mix and possibly track listing.

Planning for Burial

Planning for Burial

RADVENT Day 12: The Cure’s “Staring at the Sea”

For the first 24 days of December, Radio in Opposition and guests will share with you one very special album, one day at a time. We call it RADVENT.

We’re halfway through RADVENT and today’s selection comes from one of our favorite dudes, Planning for Burial. Thom was on our show back in February and recorded a live set.

Sure, It’s not an obscure release, but a very, very important release for me. I was probably about 10 years old when my sister, who is just shy of 3 years older than me, brought home the CD from her trip to the mall. She would always play it for me and eventually dubbed a cassette for me. This was my introduction into music outside of the more mainstream music I was listening to at the time. I played it until the tape wore out and then I eventually just took her copy of it. The days before the internet, It took me many years to finally figure out that this intact was not an actual album but a collection of singles. Though to me the sequencing of this is just perfect and how I like to listen to these songs, when hearing them on their respective albums they almost sound alien to me. It was around this time I tried listening to Joy Division as well but only latched onto their slower more moody songs, their punk was too raw for me at the time, but The Cure had the everything I loved melody, power, drive and atmosphere, though I found all of that in Joy Division some years later The Cure had it all at the surface which are things I strive to do with my own music.

March 01, 2014 // Planning for Burial // BONG // AT Explores Ulver

On this episode, Ross reviews Bong‘s “Stoner Rock”, the latest roaring opus from Newcastle’s atmospheric shamen.

Aslak Tolonen of Nest, Syven, and Umbrose explores an improvised live piece from Norway’s Ulver, and reinterprets the track in a creative way.

New Jersey’s Planning for Burial speaks about upcoming work, his development as a soloist, and plays a full live set. The full, unedited set and interview can be found on our Bandcamp.

If you’d like to hear one of our previous session’s with Planning for Burial, it is linked here.

Hometown Pride

This is my last show broadcast live on WDIY in Allentown. From now on, RiO is a Subcity exclusive. In light of that, this show is all local bands that supported me in getting RiO off the ground. Enjoy.


Artist Track
Soars Escape on High
Ominous Black Free Will is a Lie Designed to Make Existence Interesting
Grimace Federation Bosico
Woe Quietly, Undramatically
Ladder Devils and Regents ‘Bama Book Burner
Strand of Oaks Daniel’s Blues
Sadgiqacea Thy Will Be None
Planning for Burial You’re Not Real, Girl [Swans Cover]
Gholas 9000 Reasons
JE double F I Must Be Dreaming
Lonesummer Tobacco, Gin and Bile
The Green Evening Requiem Teneral
Psychic Teens YUNG
East of the Wall Linear Failur
Bubonic Bear
Rob Crow
Bill Ridenour
Tonight the Buzzards Circle the Grindstone
Protect Your Plow
The Reaper and the Seed
Red Eyes
New Bones
Time of Troubles

Escape Velocity

This show is a two hour block of atmosphere, doom, gloom, and other slow tunes. It’s just been that kind of week…


Artist Track
Balmorhea On the Weight of the Night
Holy Sons Payoff
Matt Elliott This is For
Tenhi Pojan Kiiski
Zombi Escape Velocity
Astronautalis Midday Moon
Buried Inside V
Grails All the Colors of the Dark
Syven Tuulenvire
Woods of Ypres Travelling Alone
Om Thebes
Planning for Burial Bleached Body
Have a Nice Life The Icon and the Axe
Reverend Bizarre They Used Dark Forces / Teutonic Witch