November // Kayo Dot // Fucked up // Sol Invictus // Twilight Sad

On this episode, Ross and Justin obliterate cultural boundaries by playing rock-paper-scissors, discussing the weather, and debating which American TV remakes are better than the British ones.

Ah yes, they also play some music. You’ll hear tracks from O, Fallujah, Godflesh, Open Mike Eagle, Fucked Up, Kayo Dot, The Twilight Sad, and Sol Invictus.


The God Particle

In this episode, we consider the universe as the answer. But just what is the question?


Artist Track
Cloudkick Oh, God.
Shpongle The God Particle
Primordial Death of the Gods
Brother Ali Good Lord
This Will Destroy You Killed the Lord, Left for the New World
Down I Go Poseidon
Syven How Fare the Gods?
Solstafir Goddess of the Ages
The Horizon of a Dream No God Would Kiss These Hands
Kayo Dot Ocellated God
HORSE the Band Lord Gold Want of Unyielding
Blood Ceremony The Great God Pan
Belegost Nightwalker / Deergod
Nails Your God

Produce. Communicate. Transport. Destroy.

This is the first show from the home studio. My microphone is a tin can. Just kidding. The voice overs are short but the music is where the meat is. Please enjoy at adequate volumes.



Artist Track
Pulled Apart by Horses Night of the Living (I’m Scared of People
Crippled Black Phoenix Get Down and Live With It
Mad Greg November Still
The Twilight Sad Dead City
Les Discrets La traversée
Maps & Atlases Fever
Bleubird Giehe 1977
Bayatas The Hand Effect
Mandroid Echostar Hexaton
pg.lost Weaver
Time Columns Produce Communicate Transport Destroy
Ancestors Corryvreckan
Kayo Dot Rite of Goetic Evocation
Ghost Ship But Nothing
The American Dollar
Secrets of the Moon
PS I Love You
Wreck and Reference
Faces in the Haze