RADVENT Day 14: Built to Spill’s “Keep It Like a Secret”

For the first 24 days of December, Radio in Opposition and guests will share with you one very special album, one day at a time. We call it RADVENT.

Day fourteen of RADVENT is upon us and today’s musical treat was selected by Enemies List Home Recordings, who aspire to one day outrank Nixon’s Wikipedia entry in Google. The album is “Keep It Like a Secret” from Built to Spill.

There was a year or so in college when I listened to that record every single day. I can still sing every word of every song. There’s just something about the songwriting – it’s so catchy, intricate but still completely accessible. It blew my mind then and still does today.

This is the Fucking Woodland

The second episode of RiO to be presented on Subcity. In this show, you’ll hear a bunch of new and exciting music, plus a peak at some of my hometown favorites. Enjoy.


Artist Track
Down I Go Demeter
Long Distance Calling The Figrin D’an Boogie
Sun Buffalo The Surface
Giles Corey Blackest Bile
Prof The Season
Zu Carbon
Balmorhea Bowsprit (Live)
Ominous Black Free Will is a Lie Designed to Make Existence Interesting
Lonesummer Tobacco, Gin and Bile
The Green Evening Requiem Decomposer
Battles ft. Matias Aguayo Ice Cream
Zammuto Groan Man, Don’t Cry
Coliseum Waiting (Too Late)
Hello Electric Bear King II
Altar of Plagues
Wizard Smoke
Del Rey
King Among Kings
Lain with the Wolf
Feather and Bone
Panama II
Return of the Song of Fog Rider