FOUND! Four year old episode!

Hey everyone,

I came across this four year old episode of RiO. Not exactly sure what’s on it, but the description I found said “Paranoid Castle, Lonesummer, Asva, a Have A Nice Life cover, Big Spider’s Back, and a lot more.”

So here it is!

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Born to Lose


Artist Track
Maths Gnarled
Farewell Poetry As True As Troilus
Maps & Atlases Old Ash
Ghost Ship I Won’t Know
Cloud Nothings Our Plans
Time Columns Produce Communicate Transport Destroy
Orange Goblin Red Tide Rising
Low Life Born to Lose
Astronautalis ft. Sims and Mike Weibe Thomas Jefferson
Ancestors First Light
Fire Spoken by the Buffalo Mold of the Earth
Mad Greg November Still
PS I Love You Saskatoon
ABEAR Dead Lessons
Syven Jäljet