RADVENT Day 10: Uncertainty Principle’s “Imitators of Miracles”

For the first 24 days of December, Radio in Opposition and guests will share with you one very special album, one day at a time. We call it RADVENT.

Ten days of RADVENT gems and we’re still going strong! Today, A. Tolonen of Nest shares a lesser known band with us.

I wanted to point attention towards this particular band that I don’t think has ever gotten the attention it deserves. Uncertainty Principle from the UK. They haven’t really been influential to anything I’ve done, musically, but I enjoy their stuff immensely. They began as something akin to Godflesh, and morphed into a slower, noisier, doomier thing by each album. I reckon they could be described as a funeral doom noise Godflesh. I recommend the first album “Imitators of Miracles”, and especially the song “The Meanings Of Portents And Signs”. I love all but just a couple of their albums, so I could have picked almost any other one too.. You can download this one (and all the rest too) for free (and legally) from this link.

March 01, 2014 // Planning for Burial // BONG // AT Explores Ulver

On this episode, Ross reviews Bong‘s “Stoner Rock”, the latest roaring opus from Newcastle’s atmospheric shamen.

Aslak Tolonen of Nest, Syven, and Umbrose explores an improvised live piece from Norway’s Ulver, and reinterprets the track in a creative way.

New Jersey’s Planning for Burial speaks about upcoming work, his development as a soloist, and plays a full live set. The full, unedited set and interview can be found on our Bandcamp.

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