FOUND! Four year old episode!

Hey everyone,

I came across this four year old episode of RiO. Not exactly sure what’s on it, but the description I found said “Paranoid Castle, Lonesummer, Asva, a Have A Nice Life cover, Big Spider’s Back, and a lot more.”

So here it is!

I’ll name these songs as (and if) I recognize them…

  1. Not sure what this first track is.
  2. Aceta’s cover of Have a Nice Life’s “Earthmover”
  3. Paranoid Castle – “Feeling Inside”
  4. Not sure what this is, it sounds like early Lamb of God, but then gets kinda party, so most likely not that.
  5. Coast Jumper – “For Youth”
  6. Not sure.
  7. Definitely Powerwolf. “Sanctified with Dynamite” or something is the name of the song.
  8. Rob Crow – “Prepare to Be Mined”
  9. Farewell Poetry – “As True As Troilus”
  10. Asva – “Presences of Absences”
  11. Not sure what this.
  12. No idea.
  13. Down I Go – I think this song is called “Poseidon”
  14. David Ramos – No Bono (feat Ceschi)
  15. Don’t know this last track either, sorry.