FOUND! Four year old episode!

Hey everyone,

I came across this four year old episode of RiO. Not exactly sure what’s on it, but the description I found said “Paranoid Castle, Lonesummer, Asva, a Have A Nice Life cover, Big Spider’s Back, and a lot more.”

So here it is!

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Mix Tape // May Day, 2015

THE NEXT EPISODE COMETH. Nice mix for your ear holes. Here’s ‘dem songz:

Squarepusher – Stor Eiglass [Damogen Furies]
Pilgrimage – Malagna [Creature of Habit]
Crypt Sermon – Will of the Ancient Call [Out of the Garden]

Ceschi – Say Something [Broken Bone Ballads]
Bell Witch – Felled (in howling wind) [Four Phantoms]
Dirty Dishes – Dan Cortez [Guilty]

TOO MANY ZOOZ – Flightning [Brasshouse Volume 1: Survival of the Flyest]
Crowns – Traveling Twin [Disk of Dust]
Open Mike Eagle – Raps For When It’s Just You & the Abyss [A Special Episode Of]

Pyramids – Consilience [A Northern Meadow]

Mix Tape // April 16, 2015

Yo, we did up some tunes for yah. Here’s the playlist:

The Crown – Herd of Swine [Death is Not Dead]
The White Birch – Love, Lay Me Blind [The Weight of Spring]
Drug Church – But, Does it Work? [Swell]

Liturgy – Quetzalcoatl [The Ark Work]
Big Blood – Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath Cover) [Double Days I]
The Mountain Goats – The Legend of Chavo Guerrero [Beat the Champ]

King Woman – Burn [Doubt]
Addaura – The Sun Shines Today Also (On the Oaks of that Bird Hill) [ …and the Lamps Expire]
Złota jesień – Xanax OD Grindcore Lover [Girl Nothing]

Wormreich – Revelation III: Devotion’s Final War [Wormcult Revelations]

Mix Tape // Phat Phriday, 2015

All new stuff from 2015. Here’s the playlist:

Black Sheep Wall – The Wailing and the Gnashing and the Teeth [I’m Going To Kill Myself]
Carpenter Brut – Disco Zombi Italia [Trilogy]

Doomtree – Cabin Killer [All Hands]
Viet Cong – Bunker Buster [Viet Cong]
Chapel of Disease – Lord of All Death (Between the Rim and Pegana) [The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art]

Mount Eerie – Spring [Sauna]
Caina – I am the Flail of the Lord [Setter of Unseen Snares]
BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah – Mind Playing Tricks [Sour Soul]

Cowards – Birth of the Sadistic Son [Rise to Infamy]
Cloakroom – Moon Funeral [Further Out]
Joey Bada$$ – Christ Conscious [B4.Da.$$]

March // Planning for Burial Acoustic

We took a break from binge-watching the X-Files to kick it old school with Planning for Burial. Armed with an acoustic guitar and an extremely stripped down setup, Thom explored and reinterpreted some of the hits.

PS. There’s a chance this will be released proper by Planning for Burial in the near future. This is Radio in Opposition’s edit. The actual release will be a different mix and possibly track listing.

Planning for Burial

Planning for Burial

Mix Tape // Christmas Day, 2014

RiO Mix Tape episodes go back to our roots as radio dudes. We’ll spin some tunes, make with the yakkity-yakkity, and you can just sit back and enjoy the experience. Here’s the playlist…

Talons – The Wild Places [New Topographics]
Goat – Talk to God [Commune]
Memorial Weekend – Absinthe [Memorial Weekend]

Mike Mictlan – CLAPP’D [Hella Frreal]
Cara Neir – Tales of Lust and Pain [The Overwatch EP]
La Dispute – 35 [Rooms of the House]
Strand of Oaks – Woke Up to the Light [Heal]

ROME – The Ballad of the Red Flame Lily [A Passage to Rhodesia]
An Autumn for Crippled Children – Avoiding Winter [Try Not to Destroy Everything You Love]
OGRE – Don’t Call Me Hero [195]
BADBADNOTGOOD – Can’t Leave the Night [III]

Saor – Aura [Aura]

Listen: Memorial Weekend – “Memorial Weekend” Full Length

It’s finally here! Ross Watson, one half of Radio in Opposition, has released his long-time coming full length under the name Memorial Weekend. Recorded between 2011 and 2013, inspired by drone music, film scores, and old video tapes. RIYL: sad things.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1506981720 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=333333 tracklist=false artwork=small]

November // Kayo Dot // Fucked up // Sol Invictus // Twilight Sad

On this episode, Ross and Justin obliterate cultural boundaries by playing rock-paper-scissors, discussing the weather, and debating which American TV remakes are better than the British ones.

Ah yes, they also play some music. You’ll hear tracks from O, Fallujah, Godflesh, Open Mike Eagle, Fucked Up, Kayo Dot, The Twilight Sad, and Sol Invictus.


July // Emil Amos // Dylan Carlson // Chicago // BADBADNOTGOOD // Wovenhand // Musk Ox // The Bilinda Butchers

On this episode, Emil Amos of Grails, Om and Lilacs & Champagne, tells us about the latest installment of Holy SonsLost Decade series.

Sandra takes to the streets of Chicago to catch up with Notes + BoltsPanda Riot, and Divino Nino to learn more about local music and what shapes the scene.

Hear the track “Edo Method” from The Bilinda Butchers debut full-length Heaven.

Ross and Justin review a handful of releases including Toronto instrumental hip-hop/jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD‘s III, the score for Gold from Earth founder Dylan Carlson under the name drcarlsonalbion, classical/neofolk from Musk Ox and their latest Woodfall, and eclectic alt-country from Denver’s Wovenhand on Refractory Obdurate.

Ross digs a little deeper into calls that YouTube is suppressing indie artists. Justin ponders on the speed of social media and how it affected a recent scuffle and misunderstanding at JR’s in Philadelphia. Also, a story about Danish electronic artist Croatian Amor accepting only nude photos as payment for his most recent release.


July 1

Every Time I Die – From Parts Unknown [LP] – Metalcore, hardcore punk, southern rock.

My Fictions – Stranger Songs [LP] – Screamo, melodic hardcore

July 4

Yes – Heaven & Earth [LP] – Prog rock.

Sleepmakeswaves – Love of Cartography [LP] – Post-rock

July 8

Wolvhammer – Clawing Into Black Sun [LP] – Sludge metal, black metal

Braid – No Coast [LP] – Emo, indie rock, post-hardcore.

Goatwhore – Constricting Rage of the Merciless [LP] – Death metal, black metal

Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestite [LP] – Atmospheric black metal, ambient, experimental

James Blackshaw – Fantomas: Le faux magistrat [LP] – Psych folk, free folk

July 14

Slow Club – Complete Surrender [LP] – Indie pop, folk pop

July 15

The Bilinda Butchers – Heaven [LP] – Dream pop, shoegaze

Novembers Doom – Bled White [LP] – Doom metal, melodic death metal

Antemasque – Antemasque [LP] – Alt-rock, post-hardcore

Rise Against – The Black Market [LP] – Melodic hardcore, punk

United Nations – The Next Four Years [LP] – Hardcore punk

Souls of Mischief – There Is Only Now [LP] – West Coast Hip-Hop, jazz rap, boom bap

July 17

Wo Fat – The Conjuring [LP] – Stocker rock, heavy psych

July 18

Empyrium – The Turn of the Tides [LP] – Dark folk, folk metal, doom metal, neofolk

July 29

Shabazz Palaces – Lese Majesty [LP] – Experimental, abstract, conscious hip-hop

June // Agalloch // Go Big // Vindensang // Locktender // Bigelf

On this episode, Justin reviews Locktender’sRodin“, a concept steeped post-hardcore / metal delight.

L.A.’s Bigelf drop prog rock gem “Into the Maelstrom” and we dish it up.

Justin reviews Vindensang’sAlpha” and we’ll interview Jeff Neblock about the production and creation of the album.

Greg features another free album, NY’s Go Big and “The Story From Our Side” available from their Bandcamp.

Ross tells us about Agalloch‘s “The Serpent and the Sphere” and plays a little from it.

As always, thanks for listening!